I want to thank you for all the help you have done for our club. Your treats are very good. I have seen with my eyes the quality ingredients that you use. This is so important as we now get flooded with foreign ingredients of suspicious quality in our treats.

A dog, Jazz that belonged to a sheltie club member would not eat. When they won a box of your liver bars, Jazz perked up and ate away. Soon I received a call asking me where they could find your treats. He lived to be an old dog partly because he could not resist your liver bars. How good is that?

—Gail Koombes, Shetland Sheepdog Club of BC

Our 12 year old Westie ‘Fergy’ has been eating Pets Agree liver bars for years now. She prefers them over any other treat she gets. When I bring out the box she jumps like crazy until I give her one. We break them in two and she does the rest. Their crunchy nature helps keep her teeth clean. (I’m sure not going to brush a dogs teeth!)

We live in New England and so the long shelf life is a blessing as we only get to the West Coast to re-stock a couple of times a year, and there is nothing like them down here.

—C. Lang, New Hampshire, USA

I have a rambunctious one year old yellow lab named Bruce. He is a wonderful dog but getting him to listen is a bit of a challenge! I have done many training classes with him and have tried almost every treat from the pet store.

I was introduced to Pets Agree treats through a friend and my lab will do ANYTHING for these treats.

We have been using Pets Agree treats for 6 months now and Bruce still loves them.
Thank You Pets Agree!

—Solo and Shaun, Vancouver, BC

My daughter’s Westie Riley has allergies. He has had flare ups from many different kinds of dog biscuits. He absolutely loves your liver bars and they like him. No scratching or biting or hot spots. Great biscuits!

—Wendy T, Vancouver, BC

Thank you for the great dog treats! Our dog is a shepherd/husky mix, originally rescued by the SPCA after being left to die with his litter mates, tethered to a tree in the woods near Hazelton. Hobbes has settled in nicely with us and enjoys the perks of being a kept dog – especially the regular dog treats from Pets Agree! We had been feeding him hard dog biscuits from various other sources but eventually he would get tired of the same old thing and really couldn’t care less about whether or not we had “treats” for him…but he will do almost anything if he knows there’s one of your liver snacks involved. He will even play the piano for us (nothing too complicated but paws on the keyboard for sure!) Thanks for the great product.

—David S, Richmond, BC

Great Biscuits!

A few months back one of my dogs had a rough time with Geriatric Vestibular disease. It’s something old dogs can get and it’s kind of equivalent to Vertigo in humans. It was horrible but there’s nothing you can do for them except something to ease the nausea.

She didn’t eat for a week. I’d leave some on the floor by her bed at night. I couldn’t believe it in the morning when she had eaten them all!! It was a turning point and after that she started to get better. I know they didn’t cure her but they sure as heck encouraged her to eat! Instead of putting down our 14 year old, we now have her up and running (well, walking). My Grand-dog Jack, also a Border Collie is in love with them as well. Do you have an outlet on the North Shore where I could get some more? If you don’t… Why Not!!!

—Heather P, North Vancouver

I have had Newfoundlands (furry children) since 1983. So far 11. In 1987 my first Newf developed a heart problem that required any treats be low or no sodium and free of chemicals. I found liver bars through a dealer in California that were what we needed, and I have been feeding them ever since, and will into the future. I have found no other treat that has the hardness or quality of liver bars and have never had to have the Newfs teeth cleaned because of the hardness keeps tartar off their teeth.

Of all the treats I have fed, liver bars are their favorite. They get one after breakfast, when I leave and they have to stay home, (a bribe), when I return, after dinner and at bedtime. Yes they are a little spoiled but no one is overweight.

One of the Newfs, Boomer would sit next to the cookie jar after dinner waiting in case you forgot. He had not time limit on waiting. If one of them appears to not feel good, I always check heart rate and temperature but the deciding factor is refusing a liver bar and we are on our way to the vet because I know something is wrong. You can no longer find them where I live so I contacted the manufacturer a number of years ago and he has been kind enough to send boxes to me. Thank you Al and all the people at Pets Agree for keeping my kids supplied with their favorite treat. Moe, Sophie, Louie, Boomer, Holli, Katie, Christie, Holly, Dewey, Nina, and Dexter.

—Joyce T, Aromas, CA, USA